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Dr. Lisa Cecere


Doctor of Physical Therapy

Growing up as a competitive softball player, Lisa understood the importance of exercise, fitness, and rehabilitation at a young age. She was introduced to the physical therapy world early on which sparked her desire to pursue a degree in the field. Lisa attended the University of South Florida for undergraduate and graduate studies receiving a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

Lisa has focused her career on enriching the lives of the geriatric population through patient centric care, applying evidence-based interventions, and outside the box thinking. Lisa enjoys guiding patients to recognize their full potential and break the ceiling that both they themselves and society have placed on the group. She does not allow age to dictate her treatments. She applies principles and techniques that some would say are not “age appropriate” ranging from agility/power training to the application of kinesiology tape.

Lisa, along side a colleague, developed an evidenced-based assessment and treatment approach for the elderly. The two presented their methodology at the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine conference in 2020.

When Lisa isn’t working, she can be found exercising, reading, spending time with her husband and chasing after her two young boys.

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