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  • Which therapy services does Novoleo provide to ALF residents?
    We provide home-based outpatient Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy to residents under Medicare B.
  • Can residents receive therapy if they are currently receiving home health nursing?
    No, home health is billed under Medicare A and Novoleo Therapy and Fitness bills under Medicare B. It is not possible to bill both at the same time.
  • How will using Novoleo Therapy and Fitness benefit our residents and business?
    We provide the level of therapy that is typically only seen in outpatient clinics. This means that the latest technology and evidenced-based therapy treatment is brought into the home such as: Standardized, evidenced-based evaluations Patient centric treatment plans Whole body vibration for strengthening, flexibility, and power Ultrasound for pain and inflammation Electrical stimulation for pain and muscle re-education Computerized cognitive testing using Cambridge Brain Science Non-computerized cognitive testing for residents with lower cognitive function One-on-one, 45-60 minute sessions, several times per week (depending on resident needs) In addition, we provided Staff education regarding best practices for each individual patient to ensure that the highest level of independence is maintained allowing them to age in place. Individual recommendations for activity programming for each resident on caseload so that they can engage in meaningful activities based on their cognitive level and interests. Open communication with both staff and family members regarding resident progress and status. We believe it takes a village and treatment is more effective if all caregivers are involved. We believe the best chance for a resident to have a meaningful life, lies in our ability to work together as a team.
  • Do you charge the ALF a fee for coming into the home?
    No, all of the services we provide are directly to the patient and are billed to Medicare. There is no charge to the facility for the above named services.
  • Does Novoleo offer any other services that are not covered by insurance?
    ON YOUR MARK, RE-FRAME, ENGAGE! serves to align your staff with your company mission, principles, values and beliefs. It will re-frame job duties to promote a sense of family and hospitality; Duration: 2 hours To help or not to much is too much? (Self-feed, bathing); Duration: 1 hour Can movement really improve cognitive function? (Science behind movement- builds buy-in for walking programs); Duration: 1 hour How to reduce the risk of falls and assess injury if a fall occurs. (Identifying when a patient needs a change of position and how to assess the seriousness of the fall); Duration: 1 hour Engaging your residents on the fly. Easy ways to add enrichment activities into your busy day. (Strategies to add activities several times a day for short bouts); Duration: 1 hour Tired of changing undergarments? Let the B & B program set you free! (Bowel and bladder schedules to reduce UTI and workload); Duration: 1 hour Less is More transfer training (safe transferring - include training on using a sliding board); Duration: 1 hour Communicating with the cognitively impaired (effective communication strategies to provide meaningful interaction between staff and residents); Duration: 1 hour
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