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Linda Borgmeyer


Founder & Director, Novoleo Therapy & Fitness
Founder, Wisdom Warrior Challenge

Linda's message is equally inspiring, energetic and actionable.

Her combined passion and decades of expertise in Occupational Therapy and Kinesiology are enabling seniors to lead vibrant and purposeful lives that defy the constraints of ageism.

Audience and Lecturer

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About Linda


Linda brings a wealth of experience to her role as an Occupational Therapist, having dedicated an impressive 35 years to the field. While providing comprehensive care to patients of all age groups, Linda found a passion and specialty working with seniors.


“I was noticing a void in therapeutic care for seniors. I knew we could be doing more, pushing seniors farther than standard practices were dictating.” After receiving a Master’s degree in Kinesiology, Linda set out with a reinvigorated mission to innovate geriatric rehab. Combining unique equipment, like the German-based Galileo mechanostimulation whole body vibration machine with evidence-based therapeutic practices, Linda and her team have developed groundbreaking treatment and assessment methodology for seniors.

“When I treat a senior patient, I don’t just treat an injury or a body part. I take the entire environment into consideration, support that looks at the whole person: their physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing.”

Linda’s unique company model treats patients in-home and in ways that are more meaningful for them. “This is training for life, not just therapy for a knee,” Linda emphasizes. “I always tell my patients, this is not your last act, this is your next act; and I want to know what that means for them, what is their 'why.' What is one thing I can do for you that would change everything for you?” 


Linda’s approach has revolutionized the trajectory of health for seniors throughout Palm Beach County, emphasizing her commitment to advancing the field. She shares her expertise as a respected lecturer, having presented this methodology at the esteemed American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine 2020 conference, as well as offering continuing education courses for physical and occupational therapists, empowering fellow professionals to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Changing lives and
changing minds

Together with her daughter, Linda founded the Wisdom Warrior Challenge (WWC), a national, non-profit event designed to promote physical activity and engagement among seniors and dispel the myths about the ability to remain active as we age.

What started as 19 seniors training together for a local 5K now involves more than 1,000+ participants in a national competition.


The Wisdom Warrior Challenge is a fantastic opportunity to engage senior community residents in health and wellness programs, as well as involve the local community through sponsorships, awards ceremonies and vendor expos.


"Wisdom Warrior Challenge is so much more than a single day track event for seniors. Our seniors train for this event for months, not only building camaraderie and purpose, but ultimately creating lifestyle changes that last."

Learn more about the Wisdom Warrior Challenge at


“If your life is smaller than you want it to be because of fear, pain, lack of mobility or aerobic capacity, we can fix that. Let's get you back to living the life you love.”


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