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Whole Body Vibration Therapy


Super Power - Super Strength - Super Flexibility

Novoleo uses the highly researched Galileo Mechanostimulation whole body vibration machine to stimulate muscle strength, muscle power, muscle flexibility, and balance, as appropriate for your specific needs.

How we work

The Galileo has 500+ medical studies proving its efficacy when applied to the therapeutic program. The short answer as to how it works is this: remember when the doctor hit your knee with a small rubber hammer and your leg kicks out? That’s called the stretch reflex. That reflex happens because your muscle fibers get stimulated by the tap and the spinal cord activates the quads to kick out at the doctor. The Galileo stimulates that same response (much more comfortably) but does it in a more organized way to mimic walking. The Galileo literally causes the muscles to contract and relax in the same pattern used for walking. BRILLIANT! So even if you are too weak to exercise or have some disturbance in your movement pattern, the Galileo can help you normalize the movement.

What to expect

  • Thorough evaluation of all facets of function including strength, power, flexibility, mobility, aerobic capacity, and balance.

  • Client centered treatment plan that focuses on what is most important to you - your goals.

  • Highly skilled therapist with advanced training to partner with you through your recovery journey.

  • Communication through the entire process with reassessment every 10th visit - we love to talk about progress!

  • Most importantly, quicker results!

Ready to get started?

Our team is standing by and ready to help.

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