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Our Services

Our team of rehab professionals can help treat a wide range of conditions including: orthopedic injuries, post surgical intervention, stroke and neurological recovery, joint replacements, dementia and memory loss, Alzheimer's, incontinence, arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, obesity, Parkinson’s Disease, frozen shoulder, balance disturbance, and more.

Occupational Therapy

Improve motor skills, balance, and coordination.

Physical Therapy

Improve movement, mobility, and function.

Stroke/Neuro Recovery

Regain independence and improve quality of life.


Empowering you to achieve your health goals

Post Orthopedic
Surgery Therapy

Recover from surgery and prevent re-injury

Whole Body
Vibration Therapy

Stimulate your muscles with the Galileo machine

Dementia Program

Manage daily tasks and maintain independence

Health Coaching

Create sustainable change in your health and fitness

The Galileo

Novoleo uses the highly researched Galileo Mechanostimulation whole body vibration machine to stimulate muscle strength, muscle power, muscle flexibility, and balance, as appropriate for your specific needs.

"I started my therapy with Novoleo in January 2019 due to chronic back pain. I was in constant pain and unable to enjoy activities that I loved, such as hiking, rollerblading and biking. After just a few session on the Galileo, I was pain free. Now I use it everyday and I also follow a fitness plan that was suggested for me. Novoleo has changed my life and I couldn’t be happier!"

Terri G. | New York

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