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Dr. Meghan Hyde


Physical Therapist

Meghan is a highly experienced orthopedic professional with a diverse background in managing a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions, including but not limited to low back pain, knee pain, ankle sprains, balance impairments, and post-injury rehabilitation for individuals returning to sport or their daily lifestyles. With a previous background as a division one soccer player, she understands firsthand the profound impact that injuries and movement limitations can have on individuals' lives and mental well-being.


Meghan's treatment approach is characterized by an unwavering dedication to her patients. Every treatment session is met with an intense focus aimed at facilitating their recovery and optimizing their functional abilities. She goes above and beyond to motivate and encourage her patients, pushing them beyond their comfort zones to achieve remarkable results.


Joining forces with the exceptional team at Novoleo was an obvious choice for Meghan. The clinic's commitment to delivering outstanding care and utilizing the most advanced and innovative treatment methods resonated deeply with her professional values. Meghan hails from New York and currently resides in West Palm Beach with her husband and beloved dog.


Beyond her work, Meghan maintains an active lifestyle, engaging in activities such as running and weightlifting. She continually strives to enhance her skills and knowledge, ensuring that she remains at the forefront of her field.

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