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Linda Borgmeyer


Director of Rehab

Linda has been an Occupational Therapist for 35 years. In addition to her degree in Occupational Therapy, she also holds a Masters in Kinesiology (movement science), Certified Health Coach, Minshull Certified Strength and Conditioning for Rehab, and Master Trainer for Galileo Whole Body Vibration. She has treated patients across all life stages but has spent over 25 of those years focused on the senior population. 


Linda is an innovator when it comes to the healthcare field. She strives to marry the art and science of rehabilitation by ensuring that it is both evidenced based and meaningful to the patient. In collaboration with a colleague, she developed an evidenced based treatment and assessment methodology for seniors that has changed the trajectory of health for thousands of seniors. She is a lecturer who has presented the methodology at the  American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine 2020 conference and offers continuing education courses for physical and occupational therapists. Her career focus is to uplevel rehabilitation so that seniors can live a robust, meaningful life that blows away the limitations of ageism. This energy and methodology is the cornerstone of  Novoleo Therapy and Fitness and sets all of the therapists apart from all other mobile therapy teams.  

Linda is married with 4 grown children, 2 dogs, and 8 brothers and sisters. She is very active and engages a high level of activity with her patients, family, and friends. Linda and her daughter started the Wisdom Warrior Challenge, a non-profit event for seniors that encourages active engagement in organized events that demonstrate the strength, power, and flexibility of the senior population. To learn more about the Wisdom Warrior Challenge, visit

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